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Former Afghan minister ends up as fast food delivery man in Germany

Sayeed Sadaat, a former Afghan Minister is eking out his livelihood by delivering fast food in Germany (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@TheNationalNews)

In what is indeed an incredible story, a former Afghan minister is now making a living as a delivery man for a fast food restaurant in Germany. 

Sayed Sadaat, 50, was a communication minister in erstwhile President Ashraf Ghani’s government from 2016-18 but resigned his job because his conscience did not allow him to work anymore in an increasingly corrupt system.

In an interview to AFP news agency in the German city of Leipzig, Sadaat said that he had serious differences with the President’s close circle. "Their demands were for private benefit, I wanted the money for government projects to be implemented properly.”

Since he could not fulfil their demands they put pressure on him from the president's side so he decided to quit. Sadaat’s story has gained circulation in the backdrop of the turmoil in Afghanistan.

He took up a consultancy job in the telecommunications sector in Afghanistan but with the Taliban stepping up attacks by 2020, he saw that the security situation had spun out of control. He then decided to leave the country.

Although quite aware that fate has dealt him a strange blow, he is not ashamed of being a delivery man pedalling a bicycle with a bag of food packs slung across his back.

"There is no shame in the job at all. Work is work," AFP cited him as saying.