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Father gives daughter poetry and literature books as dowry in Tamil Nadu

A novel gift for daughter by poet father in Tamil Nadu saw giving of books as dowry

Usually, a father on his daughter’s marriage gives her ornaments, clothes, white goods, utensils and other household items as dowry. In Tamil Nadu’s Pudukkottai Tamil poet Thengam Murthy made an exception as he gave his daughter on her wedding this weekend, poetry and literature books by famous Tamil poets and writers.

That is not all. These precious gifts arrived at the wedding venue loaded on nine bullock carts decorated in traditional style.

The dowry of books did not surprise many who are aware that Murthy, a poet himself, is the one who started a WhatsApp group “Tamilini Pulanam” dedicated to excellence in Tamil language and literature. The group boasts among its members several doctors, teachers, actors and police officials.

Members of this group who attended the wedding brought for the newly-wedded couple, poetry books by famous poets including Avvaiyar, Kambar, Bharathiyar, Bharathidasan, Kalyanasundaram among others. Besides, books, traditional items like mangoes, jackfruits and bananas too were brought for the ceremony while being accompanied by playing of traditional Tamil instruments like ‘urumi’.

Murthy by giving this unique dowry of books has championed the cause of Tamil language and also sent a strong message against this social practice.

The marriage procession and books laden carts, made quite a sight in Pudukkottai with passers-by both amazed and amused at the sight.