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Experience sky dining in Bangladesh’s beach town Cox’s Bazar

Sky dining--the first such restaurant to open in Bangladesh

Dhaka is doing all that it can to boost tourism in the post Covid 19 pandemic phase. And now from fine dining, it has set its focus on “Fly Dining”.  The tourist town of Cox’s Bazar now has a restaurant which is a suspended hanging one right on the sea. This is the South Asian country’s restaurant offering the first sky dining experience.

The restaurant named Fly Dining, which has been developed by Your Travel Ltd, was inaugurated by Mujibur Rahman, Mayor of Cox's Bazar municipality. Several top officials were present at the gala event.

The 20-seat capacity restaurant offers the opportunity to enjoy food 160 feet above the ground for one to one-and-a-half hours.

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According to Dhaka Tribune, diners can enjoy the beach and surrounding areas while enjoying an open-air dining experience. During this time, the restaurant staff will serve their ordered food on a hanging deck, it said, adding that popular Bangladeshi chef and hotelier Tony Alal Karim Khan is in charge of the restaurant's food and hospitality management.

India too has a few sky-dining restaurants. The first such restaurant—a 22 seater, overlooking the Nagawara Lake —was first launched in India in Bangalore in 2018.  Besides, there are similar restaurants in Noida and Hyderabad.