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England most remote house Skiddaw House is up for sale

England most remote house Skiddaw House is up for sale (Pic. Courtesy rightmove.co.uk)

It is a house which has stood firm against nature and time for nearly two centuries and is reputed to be the most remote residence in England. Known as Skiddaw House, it is up for sale for the first time.

In its history of almost 200 years, for the first time this 19th Century house is available for £1.5 million, that is, 15 crore rupees.

Situated near Keswick in Cumbria, Skiddaw House is located in the Lake District and it is 3.5 miles from the nearest road. What makes the view from this House magnificent is the fact that there is no building or house in sight across the 3,000-acre Skiddaw Forest.

For those who may be interested in this property, it has six bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room and three spacious reception rooms. The place is accessible only by foot or via off-road vehicle through the Skiddaw Mountain.

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One can be at peace here with virtually no distraction since there is no television, or mobile phone connectivity. In fact there is not even electricity available. To beat the winter cold, the house is heated with the help of a wood-burning stove via solar panels and the water supply comes from a nearby stream.

According to UK-based magazine, Country Living, this property was built in 1829 by the Earl of Egremont of Cockermouth Castle as a shooting lodge for the gamekeeper.

The basic home has been put to different uses over a period of time — from a school field trip centre to a rambler’s shelter, and currently it operates as an independent hostel, affiliated with the Youth Hostel Association.

Owned by a local farmer, this house has been described by Mitchells Land Agency as an “exciting and unique opportunity to purchase the most remote house in England". This leading land agency in West Cumbria, mentions that if anybody craves isolation and simplicity, Skiddaw House is for them.