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Emotional reunion of elephants and caretaker charms Netizens

Elephants in Thailand embrace the person who has been identified as their earlier caretaker

Elephants known world over for their friendly and charming nature yet again demonstrate it in a video clipping which has gone viral and appreciated by thousands of netizens.

The footage in question shows the animals reuniting with their previous caretaker and embracing him in a sanctuary in Thailand. The person has been identified as Derek Thompson, who previously worked as a firefighter in Toronto.

The Video:

Shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden, the video shows the herd of elephants walking towards Thompson who is standing in a shallow water body as the creatures approach him. On reaching him, they greet and embrace him with their trunks and he pats them.

The caption of the tweet reads: “Elephants reunite with their caretaker after 14 months.”

The clipping has garnered more than 3.7 million views and a large number of reactions. While some expressed their adoration for elephants, others commented on how beautiful the reunion was.