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Elephant saved by locomotive driver’s prompt action

Representational image. Prompt action on the part of a locomotive driver saved the life of an elephant (Pic. Courtesy sentinelassam.com)

There is a sense of happiness and satisfaction when one sees human beings going all out to save wild animals. It goes to prove that conservation and protection of nature and environment is not the sole responsibility of the Government but also of the common people.

Demonstrating that amply was a railway driver, D.Dorai. Driving the train, Kanchan Kanya Express Special, on the tracks running through an area with forests on either side, he suddenly spied something and pressed the brakes. He was observant enough to notice an elephant standing next to the track. Without thinking for a second, he acted instantaneously to slam the emergency brakes of the locomotive bringing it to a halt and thus saving the animal from being run over.

What followed this was even better, as he waited patiently for the majestic creature to move on at its own pace. It is only after he was sure that the creature was no longer near the tracks, that he started the engine again.

This whole episode was captured on the video by P. Kumar who is Dorai’s assistant driver. On August 25 (Wednesday), this video was uploaded on the official Twitter account of Alipurduar Division, Northeast Frontier Railway. Thus the world at large found out about the empathy this driver has for other living creatures.

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The post was liked and praised by many. It was retweeted and reposted by many people. Comments appreciating the action of the driver flooded the site. One person wrote that this video is an act of compassion while others appreciated Dorai's sense of responsibility.