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Elderly widow donates her property and belongings worth Rs.1 crore to Odisha rickshaw puller for his selfless service

Bina Patnaik with Budha Samal and his wife who she has donated her property and belongings worth Rs.1 crore (Pic. Courtesy odishatv.in)

Lady luck can smile on any person anytime and from anywhere and case in point is that of Budha Samal. A rickshaw puller in Odisha, Samal’s dedication and selfless service earned him the gratitude of a lone elderly widow, who has donated her property and belongings worth Rs.1 crore to him.

Samal and his family had come to the aid of a 63-year-old woman, Minati Patnaik who had been left alone following the demise of her husband due kidney failure and daughter because of cardiac arrest, within a year.

Talking to India Today, Patnaik said: “I was completely shattered after the death of my husband and daughter. When the mountain of sorrows broke on me, none of my relatives helped me at that time. I was all alone. But, this rickshaw puller and his family stood by me even at that time without any hope. He also took care of my health.”

Now in turn, Patnaik has given her property and savings worth about one crore, including a house, jewellery and some cash, to Samal and his family. Samal’s family includes his parents, his wife, two sons and a daughter, all of whom address Patnaik as mother.

Samal was Patnaik family’s rickshaw puller and used to ferry her daughter to her college, Ravenshaw College. “He was the family’s rickshaw puller. My trust in him and his dedication to me and my family earned him the reward, and I did not do them any great service by giving them my property. They deserve it,” she said.

Samal and his family are happy and said they will continue to serve Patnaik. He told the media: “When mother (Minati) told me about her decision, I was completely taken aback. I have worked for my mother’s family for more than two decades, and I will continue to serve her as long as my breath lasts.”

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