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Dolphin viewing made easier in Karnataka’s Kali river

The Karnataka Forest Department is providing a platform for easier and comfortable viewing of several varieties of dolphins in Kali river (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@deva_iitkgp)

Tourists and visitors visiting Devbagh love to see dolphins swimming, playing and jumping out of the water in the river Kali. To enable this in ease and comfort, the Karnataka Forest Department has come up with a facility of allowing a glimpse of these water creatures free of cost.

Vasanth Reddy, Conservator of Forests of Uttara Kannada district told the media that the Department’s Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Cell will build a platform from where these dolphins can be spotted easily.

Currently, dolphin safaris are organised by Devbagh Jungle Lodges and Resorts twice in a day in which tourists are taken in a boat to see them.

Sharing details about the dolphins which can be seen in the river, a researcher told the media that among the many varieties, the humpback ones are commonly sighted while the finless porpoise can also be spotted. Among the rare ones which can be viewed, are the spotted dolphin and spinner dolphin.