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Dog with price tag of Rs 20 crore steals show at Bengaluru’s Ballari Utsav

Cadabom Hayder is a 6 feet tall Caucasian Shepherd owned by a breeder in Bengaluru

The star of the two-day Ballari Utsav which was held on January 21 and 22 in Karnataka was India’s most expensive dog whose price is pegged around Rs.20 crore.

This one-and-a-half-year-old Caucasian Shepherd is called Cadabom Hayder and belongs to Bengaluru’s S. Satish, a breeder, known for owning expensive breeds of dogs. Recently, Satish was offered Rs.20 crore by a Hyderabad-based businessman for buying Hayder which he refused as he doesn’t want to part with him.

Standing six feet tall and weighing 110 kilograms, it is the largest of its breed.

Earlier there were media reports about Satish having bought this canine for Rs.20 crore. Denying it to Hindustan Times, he informed that Hayder was bred by him and that his grandparents had been imported by him from Russia. Scheduled to appear in a show last year, Hayder created quite a buzz and its was then that the offer of Rs.20 crore was made to Satish to buy him.

Satish earlier owned a Korean dosa mastiff worth Rs.1 crore and an Alaskan malamute worth Rs.8 crore. He has two Caucasian shepherd puppies with people offering him Rs.5 crore for each.

Apart from being from an expensive breed, the cost of maintaining Hayder is also very high. He lives in a two-bedroom apartment which is completely air-conditioned as he needs a cool environment and eats three kilograms of meat.

Despite his menacing appearance, Hayder is friendly and likes company.

Interestingly, this was the first Ballari Utsav that was organised by the district administration after the creation of Vijayanagara district in 2021. The event saw a host of cultural events being performed featuring artists from Karnataka and Bollywood; sound and light show; magic shows and instrumental recitals. Also, there were bull-cart processions, cycle jathas and millet walks.