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Delhi villagers keep 24-hour vigil to guard their 120-year-old tree

The 120-year-old tree in Khampur village which has been a part of the life of residents over generations

Villagers of Khampur in Delhi’s Alipur are keeping 24-hour strict vigil, not because they fear any harm to themselves but to a tree which they say is 120-year-old. This banyan tree was allegedly trimmed by some unidentified people, while the villagers were asleep.

The local residents of the village informed that they have an emotional connection with the tree as it has been part of their life and is worshipped during festivals. Residents claim that the local mafia is responsible for this act.

Ajay Kumar, a local resident whose family has lived in the area for generations, informed that the villagers have been guarding the tree ever since the incident and that police had told them not to take the law in their hands and report immediately any untoward activity concerning the tree. Villagers are also planning to meet the District Magistrate and other civic bodies.

Talking to the media, Kumar said: “My father had passed away and we were busy with the rituals. After we were done, we got to know that the tree had been trimmed. Nearly five to six branches of the tree which were around six inches wide were trimmed.” Kumar said that Khampur is his ancestral village and many generations of his family have lived there.”

Kumar disclosed that a residential colony is being developed on the land where the tree is located. The villagers are asked them not to cut down the tree and leave some space around it.

Forest Department officials said they were not aware of the issue and that no permission had been granted for trimming of the said tree.

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