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Delhi Police sets up “pink booth” in Connaught Place for security of women shoppers

The recent initiative by Delhi Police of setting up a "pink booth" with women personnel has been appreciated by shoppers and hawkers

The recent initiative by Delhi Police of opening a “pink booth” at Janpath, a popular market place, has elicited positive response not only from the women visitors but also hawkers.

Inaugurated last week by the Joint Commissioner of Police, New Delhi range, A.K. Singh, the booth has women personnel who help women in distress and provide them instantaneous relief in case of any type. Now, there is a growing demand for more such booths in other market places.

The booth is open seven days a week, from 12 noon to 10 p.m. and has three women staffers.

Sharing her reaction with the media, Arushi Prakash, a working woman said: “The issues related to women should be resolved as the section is very vulnerable. I have not gone to other shopping places for a year and if no such booth is there, the authorities should consider setting up such kiosks there as well.”

Another regular to the market, Naina Singh, commented: “After this initiative, women, not only customers but hawkers also, will obviously feel safer. Women have a very strong instinct, they can easily identify if they are uncomfortable with someone. If somebody is making her uncomfortable, in a general scenario, she ignores it. However, if she knows that there is police nearby, she can take the issue to them in the form of a complaint, etc.”

Kamla, a hawker in the area, welcomed this initiative and observed: “We are happy that something has been opened here for women. Women hawkers come here in the morning and leave by late evening. We deal with different types of people every day. After opening the booth, we feel safer and can easily approach the police anytime.”

Sub-Inspector Lovey Priyanka, the booth in-charge said: “If they (women) have any kind of issue or want to lodge a complaint, they can submit it here without going to a police station. There are many women-related issues which they feel uncomfortable with while talking to a man. We have got a positive response so far after interacting with women who have come here for enquiry.”