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Deadly cobra triggers scare in Delhi’s Pusa Institute library

The four-foot-long Indian cobra which was rescued from Pusa Insitute Library

Last week turned out to be busy for the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response unit based in Delhi as they rescued two deadly cobras – one adult, one baby — from different educational institutions.

The scientists and staff at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute also known as the Pusa Institute were in for a surprise when they found a Spectacled cobra aka Indian cobra wandering in the campus. Fearing safety of the people and the reptile, the staff alerted the Wildlife SOS on its 24×7 emergency helpline number.

A two-member team from the NGO’s Rapid Response Unit swiftly reached the location with the necessary rescue gear. The four-foot-long snake was lying still, coiled up in one corner of the library room. The rescuer then proceeded cautiously to capture the venomous cobra without causing any stress to the reptile. The viper was carefully transferred into a snake bag.

Cobra Baby In Great Mission Public School
The baby cobra which was found in Dwarka’s Great Mission Public School

For the other rescue operation, the Unit visited the Great Mission Public School, located in Sector 5 Dwarka. There a baby cobra was spotted inside the guidance and counselling room, behind a loose wall panel. Here too the team removed the snake carefully from the premises.

Both snakes are currently under observation.

Delhi-NCR is home to as many as 23 species of snakes and the Spectacled cobra is one of the most commonly found among them.

Talking about these rescue operations, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director-Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said: “Snake sightings in winter, generally, are low because these reptiles undergo a process called brumation where they remain partially active to store energy. Hence, it is less likely that snakes would come out of their burrows during the winter season unless they want to bask in the sun’s warmth.”