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Crowds throng exhibition of rare Quranic manuscripts at Srinagar’s Pratap Singh Museum

School children at the Shri Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

Srinagar: Around 3,000 people attended the exhibition of rare Quranic manuscripts which has been going on for the past week at the Shri Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar.

Notably, the exhibition at the Shri Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar ended on Friday and was attended by a large number of people, including schoolchildren. Rabia Qureshi, the curator of the museum, said, “Until the last day of the exhibition, about 3,000 people came here and learned about their heritage by looking at the rare 18th-century Quranic manuscripts.”

Curator Rabia Qureshi said, “The manuscript on display is more than 300 years old and is written on Kashmiri paper with pure gold and black ink. No chemicals were found used.”

He further said, “It is not easy to protect these prescriptions. Since these prescriptions are on paper, there is a risk of termites getting on them, but our team has taken care of them with hard work and dedication.”

This museum in Srinagar is famous for its various antiquities, however, the purpose of this exhibition was to inform the public about the rare Quranic manuscripts.

The manuscripts on display included Tafsir Kabir, known as Tafsir Razi, written in 1209 AH (1795 AD), Qaseedah Barda Sharif 1316 AH (written in 1905 AH) and a manuscript by Imam al-Basri.

Apart from the Quranic manuscripts, a manuscript of arguments and charity in praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has also been displayed.

While talking about the diminishing public interest in antiquities and history, the curator said, “We are all at fault. Unless we are motivated to know and understand our past and roots. Nothing much can be done till then. People also need to come forward.”

“During this one week, many students and other visitors demanded to increase the duration of the exhibition. I will discuss this with the higher authorities and what happens will be shared through our social media website,” he further remarked.