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Conjoined twins vote in Punjab polls ensuring ballot secrecy

Sohna and Mohna, the conjoined twins were among the early voters to cast their vote in today's Punjab Assembly polls

In all aspects they are forced to share everything from bed to bathroom but when it came to voting they two decided on their own and kept secret their ballot. Yes, they are Punjab’s conjoined twins, Sohna and Mohna, who were among the early voters in today’s polling for the State Assembly in Amritsar.

As the twins are two separate voters, officials made special arrangements to ensure secrecy among the conjoined twins.

Gaurav Kumar, an official talking to media said: "It is a very unique case. The Election Commission told us to do proper videography. They're icons of PWD voters. They're conjoined but two separate voters. Arrangements were made by the RO of giving them goggles so that secrecy of voting is maintained.”

The twins are at present employed with the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited and started working from December last year. It was 19-year-old Sohna who got the job who, along with Mohna, takes care of the electrical appliances at PSPCL.

Born in the Capital on June 14, 2003, the twins have two hearts, arms, kidneys and spinal cords, but share liver, gall bladder and legs. They were abandoned by their birth and brought to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi for medical assistance. The doctors because of fatal surgery complications involved decided against separating them.

They grew up in the Pingalwara Charitable Society in Amritsar and hold a diploma (electrician) from Industrial Training Institute.