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Chandigarh to have sensory park for the specially-abled

Representational image. Chandigarh will soon a sensory park for the specially-abled to be built at a cost of Rs.1.14 crore (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Deepti_Prasad_)

Keen to ensure that the specially-abled residents of the city are able to enjoy what is available for others, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has approved the development of a sensory park in Sector-22 at a cost of Rs.1.14 crore.

While there are 14,796 people with disabilities in the region, there are not enough facilities for them in the city and there are no green areas which deal with the disability aspect.

The planned park will have climbers and musical poles for specially-abled children, multi-play equipment, shoulder builder, garden sound play equipment, two-seater spring see saw, wheelchair MGR, two-seater swing, single-seater spring rider, Congo track, palm wheel, leg roller, play panel, musical panel all catering to the requirements of these special children.

According to CMC the purpose of this initiative is to provide individual and combined sensory opportunities to users who may not normally experience them. The equipment and the activities in the park will enable people in all age groups to experience better learning while strengthening their bodies.

Apart from the sensory park, CMC has also decided to build infrastructure for the specially-abled in the community centres at a cost of Rs 2.4 crore. This will include provision like Braille rails and signages for specially-abled people.