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Car converted to helicopter available for hire in Bihar!

Nano car converted to a copter and hired for weddings in Bihar

There is one thing Indians are great at and that is inventiveness or ‘jugaad’, if you please. The latest example of this attribute comes from Bihar where Guddu Sharma of Bagaha town has converted his Tata Nano vehicle into a helicopter!

Now, this copter which Sharma lets out on rent doesn’t fly but at least gives the satisfaction to the bridegroom of bringing his wife back in the helicopter since the real one which zooms in the sky is far too expensive to hire.

The idea of converting a car into a copter came about when he found that people were keen to use chariots and fancy cars to bring their brides home, so he offered them a helicopter at a reasonable rate – Rs.15,000. While it cost Rs.1.5 lakhs for the conversion, he spent another two for adding other facilities.

He has already received bookings from 19 persons so far.

Sharma is not the only one to do this as Mithilesh Prasad, again from Bihar, too converted his Nano to a copter. Unable to become a pilot because of financial constraints, he fulfilled his dream by fitting the car with a rotor blade, a tail, tail boom and rotor mast.