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British documentary on child abuse by ‘grooming gangs’ raises a storm: Watch videos 

Photographs of accused (Photo: TheOLDSCHOOLGE1/Twitter)

It is a season of documentaries in the UK. Released on Saturday night, documentary, Grooming Gangs: Britain’s Shame, is creating waves, and igniting anger, in the British society.

Made by British channel GB News, the investigative documentary focuses on on child sexual abuse of thousands of white British girls that has been underway for decades by the so-called “grooming gangs”.

Grooming gangs is a British euphemism for sexual exploitation of British teenage girls by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men. However, due to sensitivities over being called racist and fears of being labelled Islamophobic, the gangs have been sheltered under the cover of “Asian men”.

In a piece on the GB News documentary, British newspaper The Telegraph says: “Child sex abuse perpetrated by British Pakistani grooming gangs is still taking place and being ignored by the police almost a decade after it was exposed…” It reports that cases of girls being sexually abused are being reported every day.

The riveting investigation aired on Saturday night and also broadcast on radio for listeners, calls the sexual exploitation of British girls a “national scandal kept under wraps for decades”.

GB News unleashed a barrage of publicity about its documentary on social media that unearths the horrific crime of sexual abuse of minor girls across dozens of cities in the UK where the perpetrators have mostly escaped conviction.

Documentary filmmaker Charlie Peters, spent over a year investigation allegations that thousands of young British girls were sexually exploited–raped, abused, beaten, gangraped and blackmailed in cities across the UK. In a video discussion with Nigel Farage–British politician and former member of the European parliament, Peters makes a startling revelation that the abuse of girls is still continuing.

The documentary-makers spoke with survivors, activists and whistle blowers across the country in their investigation.

Former police officer, Maggie Oliver tells GB News: “It is not a historical problem. It is going on today. Very little has changed. We have seen trials, but all too often these children are still being judged and fobbed off and that is not good enough”.

The GB News documentary makes an alarming claim that the abusers are regularly contacting, threatening and exploiting their victims through various apps including Snapchat. The documentary says that most of the abusers have escaped punishment and the abused girls have escaped justice. Instead, the young victims are being judged for their behaviour while the male adult abusers have been given the benefit of doubt.

The documentary says that things are only getting worse and has urged a national response into widespread paedophilia that has turned the lives of thousands of British girls’ upside down.

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