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Braving hurdles dauntless daughter of Madhya Pradesh vegetable vendor becomes judge

Ankita Nagar who despite all odds cleared examination to become a judge (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

Her success story is inspiring and is worth emulating as it stresses on the need for hard work, persistence and courage to fight against all odds! She is Ankita Nagar, a vegetable vendor’s daughter in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, who has become a civil judge after clearing the recruitment examination in her fourth attempt.

In a conversation with media, 29-year-old Nagar said failing three times to clear the recruitment exam did not deter her, rather made her doubly determined to clear it. “I have cleared the civil judge Class-II examination in my fourth attempt. I don’t have words to express my happiness. Despite three unsuccessful attempts, I did not give up and remained focused on achieving my goal. This struggle opened doors for me and I kept moving forward.”

She was always keen to study law and completed her masters in law, and in fact while studying for her bachelor’s law degree had decided to become a judge.

Her father Ashok Nagar is a vegetable vendor in Musakhedi. In her spare time after studying and preparing for the examination, she helped him in his work. Proud of her, he observed that she has set an example by not giving up despite repeated failures. Her mother works in a mess washing utensils. Her parents had decided to educate Ankita and did so even when they faced economic hardships.

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