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Brave Monkey Revives Its Electrocuted Cousin at Kanpur Railway station

After a strenuous effort a monkey managed to revive its cousin who had lost conscious after being electrocuted at the Kanpur railway station

While the video clipping of M. Prabhu of Tamil Nadu, saving a monkey by resuscitating it has been praised by Netizens, another video that has got several hits is the one in which a primate is seen saving a member of its tribe who had been electrocuted.

According to ANI, the incident took place at the Kanpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh and in it one can see a monkey saving and reviving another one after the latter became unconscious due to electric shock. The former turned around the senseless primate upside down, licked him and when everything failed pushed it into water running next the track and taking it out. Fortunately, all these efforts paid dividends as the primate became conscious. All this was watched intently by people on the platform.

Watch the video: