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Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez faces tough time in conman case

Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez asked fans to not intrude her privacy and personal space.

Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez said in a statement that she was going through a difficult time as a picture of her with alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar was circulated on social media.

Jacqueline’s statement on Instagram requested the media not to circulate such images which “intrude her privacy and personal space. “

Jacqueline has been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with Chandrashekhar's ₹ 200 crore money laundering case as the conman was in touch with her and allegedly gave her expensive gifts.

The statement was issued as another photo of the actor with the alleged conman had gone viral on Saturday, which showed her getting a kiss from Chandrasekhar.

The statement read:  "This country and its people have always given me tremendous love and respect. This includes my friends from the media, from whom I have learned a lot. I am currently going through a rough patch but I am sure that my friends and fans will see me through it."

"It is with this trust that I would request my media friends to not circulate images of a nature that intrude my privacy and personal space. You would not do this to your own loved ones, am sure you would not do this to me either. Hoping that justice and good sense prevails. Thank you," it added.

Jacqueline has said she was also conned by Chandrashekhar, who claimed to be the owner of Sun TV and approached her with an offer of a role in a film. The conman claimed he was in a relationship with Jacqueline which has turned out to be a major embarrassment for the actor.