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Big B shares glimpses of shooting in Covid era

Big B shares glimpses of shooting in Covid era

Amitabh Bachchan says he is back at work because that is what he is in the industry for, adding that it is time to come out of isolation of the dread.

After fully recovering from Covid-19, the cine icon has started shooting for the 12th season of the popular quiz show, "Kaun Banega Crorepati". He has shared his thoughts on resumption of shooting along with pictures from the set, stressing that the show is being shot with due precautions, safety measures and social distancing.

"The notice of extreme discipline in the execution of work is astonishing … as I said last night the ‘fear' of the possibility pushes all into one large cubicle where the uncertainty of the outcome is unknown … BUT … when ever did life not have uncertainty," Big B wrote on his blog.

"Get down to addressing the Ef … with what seems to be the hidden agenda in the minds of many Ef .. why … why are you working when there is so much un safety at stake … look .. I shall have to work .. it's what I am here for .. don't tell me, you don't need to , because you are not me .. that would be too presumptuous," he added.

Big B continued: "The body and mind have lived long enough in the isolation of the dread … now let it be free … in deed the medicals state that being out in the open is good … fresh air .. breathe in breathe out instead of breathing the same contaminated indoor air throughout .. problem is that the rains prevent the outdoors in this part of the world … but on every opportunity it's the outdoors."

Bachchan was hospitalised after testing Covid-19 positive, and discharged after testing negative on August 2..