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Bengaluru’s supercop with a heart of gold helps harassed commuters

S. Doreswamy the cop with a golden heart and his wife, Chandrika, with the orphan girls for whom he built a house

He believes in not only ensuring safety rules and regulations are followed, but Bengaluru's supercop with a giant heart also shares the hardship of the people he serves. Meet S. Doreswamy of HD Kote police station in Karnataka. Unable to bear the hardship of commuters negotiating a potholed road, this Assistant Inspector swung into action. Unable to find funds from public coffers, he pitched in Rs. 3 lakhs from his personal account to get the job done.

Doreswamy was forced to take the unusual step after repeated pleas from the commuters who used the five-km stretch between Madapura and K.Belattur to get the potholes repaired, failed to budge the high-browed authorities . This road is important as it connects the Chikkadevamma temple to HD Kote Taluk.

Having failed all options, including petitioning officials and politicians, people knocked on Doreswamy’s door in cinematic style.

With an established reputation of being people-friendly, the popular cop did not fail them. Along with his wife Chandrika of Rakshana Seva Trust, he moved in the matter and got all the material required for filling up the potholes.

This week on July 6 (Tuesday) Doreswamy, armed with a shovel and other workers, went ahead and filled the potholes. The work was completed in just three days’ time.

Talking to the New Indian Express, Doreswamy said: “There have been several accidents, injuring some people. People from over 30 villages use this road on a daily basis. Some ambulance drivers had brought this issue to my notice which prompted me to contribute to the cause.”


This is not the first time and hopefully not the last time, when Doreswamy has stepped in to extend help. Another pothole road he got repaired in the taluk.

He goes beyond repairing roads as he also adopted two minor girls who had lost their parents.

Last year when Doreswamy saw a video highlighting the plight of two orphans on his Facebook, he was deeply moved.

The video was filmed by a scribe in HD Kote Taluk and it showed two sisters, aged 17 and 14 who lived in Shiramahalli village, which is nearly 60 kilometres from Mysuru, who presented their plight. The video exhorted people to help liberally.

Giving details of this video, Doreswamy said: “The video showed a dilapidated house with no electricity, water or basic amenities like a toilet. The siblings were in the worst shape and had no one to take care of them.”

The video narrated that the sisters had lost their parents and grandmother. “The parents were lost during their childhood, and a grandmother mainly raised them. However, owing to illness and poverty, the grandmother passed away in 2012,” he informed.

What deeply affected him was the fact that the two sisters had no relatives. Having nothing to eat, they were on the mercy of the villagers. With Covid-19, things became worse.

Doreswamy had informed The Better India: “I watched the video in April and decided to visit the house. The mud house was in dilapidated condition posing issues to safety. There was no bed or mattress. The electricity supply had been cut off, and no toilets existed inside the house.”

He was accompanied by his son Manjunath and wife Chandrika. The cop with a gold heart ensured that the sisters had ration and groceries. Next was the house.

Sharing details, Manjunath told The Better India: “The next step he took was to rebuild the house with concrete and surround it by a protection wall. A toilet was constructed along with a new bed. Mattresses, utensils, a fan and television were bought. A new set of clothes were also provided.” In all, according to Manjunath, he spent Rs.3 lakhs.

To make them feel that they are cared for, Doreswamy’s family organised a housewarming for the renovated structure, while a Dharmasthala trust agreed to give them Rs.1,500 per month.


Doreswamy also took charge of their guardianship and got the elder sister to continue her education by buying a smartphone for her to study online.

“Everyone has a right to live a decent life, and we should help people, reduce the burden on their shoulders. I have decided to take care of their education and living expenses,” said Doreswamy.

Expressing her gratitude, Jyothi remarked that Doreswamy was doing more for them than their father had done. “We get ration regularly and have proper clothes and bed.”