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Bengaluru’s Imagine Clothes Bank dresses the poor with dignity

Choice galore as those in need of clothes can buy any garment of their choice by paying just Re.1 (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/imagine_trust)

One of the prime needs of the needy is clothing and invariably they have to make good with whatever comes their way, irrespective of its quality or condition or colour or style while for the rich, apparel is about fashion, quality and brand.

Four college friends – Vinod Prem Lobo, Melisha Noronha, Nitin Kumar and Vignesh – who studied together in Mangalore have now started a clothes bank in Karnataka’s Bengaluru, which provides garments to the poor and needy which are fashionable and in good condition. The initiative is called Imagine Clothes Bank and is located in Lava Kusha Layout in Beratena Agrahara, Electronics City in Bengaluru.

Here those in need can just drop in and pick up anything of their choice and pay just Re.1 for one piece of garment. It was started on September 12 and is open on Sundays only. The logic for charging Re.1 is to ensure that the dignity of the people is not hurt and that they feel that they are buying the clothes and not getting them free.

Described as the ‘Bengaluru’s boutique for the poor’, it ensures that the underprivileged have a dignified existence and have the right to choose.

In 2013 the four friends started a non-government organisation which is involved in several social activities.

Besides, garments, other items offered by the bank include sheets, towels, clothes, curtains etc. Every week nearly 150 families visit the bank and the money collected by the sale is spent on educating poor children.

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