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Bengaluru will soon see electric double-deckers on roads

Representational image. Bengaluru will soon have electric double-decker buses on the road

After more than 25 years, the city of Bengaluru will see double-decker buses plying on the roads. Although planning for this has been going for more than a decade, it is expected to come true soon.

Back in the 1970s and 80s double-deckers were common in the city. By 1997 the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation phased them out. These buses used to run K.R. Market and Majestic to Shivajinagar, Doopanahalli and Jayanagar.

Interestingly, the last decker named Kaveri is still with BMTC and is let out for film shootings.

Old Double Decker Bus in Bengaluru
In 1970s and 80s double-decker buses were very popular in Bengaluru but by 1997, these were phased out (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@ajaathashatru)

Now after years, the BMTC has notified its expression of interest to buy 10 electric AC double-decker buses. Ensuring that these vehicles are of good quality BMTC has specified that the bidding company should have an experience of manufacturing and supplying a minimum of 100 battery operated electric buses of different variants. All of these should be compliant to the statutory requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act.

A.V. Surya Sen, Director IT, BMTC informed that the corporation had received expressions of interest from manufacturers and soon they will float the tender to buy five electric AC double-decker buses.

Another five will be bought after the first five are delivered.

BMTC is seeking to induct double-deckers which will be nine metres in length and will operate 200 kilometres on a single charge. The routes on which the new buses will be plied have not been decided yet. With many flyovers, railway bridges and underpasses coming up in the city and also cables hanging on the roads, it will be difficult to run them in the heart of the city. While BMTC will be doing a survey to decide the routes, chances are that these will be run in the outskirts of the city.

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