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Bengaluru institute working on silk lining for Army blankets used in snow-bound areas

The DRDO in collaboration with a silk institute has designed blankets with silk lining to keep the jawans in cold places warm

The Army personnel guarding the country’s borders face varied vagaries of nature. To protect them from bitter and cold winds during the winter, the Defence Research and Development Organisation working in tandem with researchers of Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited, a Bengaluru-based silk institute will make use of silk as the inner material for blankets in place of polypropylene or polyester.

The use of polyester or cotton makes these blankets or razais heavy so trials were conducted to use silk. This makes them lighter in weight and warmer. Apart from this the use of silk will enable use of electrical circuits that will keep them warm in places which have minus 18 degrees Celsius like the Siachen Glacier.

Trials have been on for the last one year and soon the product will be ready.

Talking to the media, A. Jambunath, the Chief Scientist at Silk Division of KSICL said: “The reason why silk is being used is because it keeps one more warm when compared to other materials. It needs little or no maintenance and can be washed easily. It is easy to carry, is eco-friendly and also helps in generating employment in rural areas.”

The blankets for the defence personnel would be of premium quality and would be using 1-1/2 kilograms of silk as filling. It will cost from Rs.45,000 to 50,000 while for the citizens the filling will of 700 grams along with some other materials.