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Believe it or not! Soil on Iran’s Hormuz Island serves as spice to make food tasty and healthy

Residents of Homruz Island use the soil of their land to make a delicious type of bread, called “Tomshi”

Hormuz Island enjoys a singular distinction which no other place on the planet does. While humankind uses spices to give a taste to their food, residents of this island use the mud and soil to give it a flavour – believe it or not it does taste yum!

Talking to the media about this island, Britain’s Chief Geologist, Dr Catherine Goodenough said: “For millions of years, minerals have accumulated on these hills and have taken the form of soil. But their flavour is very special. The people here recognize the taste of the soil according to the colour.”

Hormuz is also referred to as Rainbow Island, a name it got because of its colourful mountains. These varied hued mountains release different types of flavoured soil which the island residents mix in food just like spices. The several colours of the soil include white, yellow, red, green, orange, beige, brown, light turquoise, and even gold.

The Iranian island in the Persian Gulf is known for having the only mountain in the world whose soil is edible. It is used to make a delicious type of bread, called “Tomshi”, and also as a spice by the locals. It is also used to bake fish, bread and prepare jams, sauces and pickles while being part of seafood recipes.

Besides being tasty the soil is also very healthy. Those visiting the island are offered these special dishes flavoured and made of soil which is relished by them. Rich in iron the soil contains nearly 70 types of minerals.

The presence of iron oxide in the soil gives it a red colour and the island has the largest red soil reserve.

The soil is also used by inventive artists to create handicrafts such as colourful paintings.

The island is situated in the Strait of Hormuz and is part of Hormozgan Province and lies eight kilometres off the Iranian coast.

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