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Australia’s rugby & rowing stars damage beds, rooms in Olympic village

Australian stars damage Olympic village (Photo: IANS)

Australian athletes damaged beds in their Olympic village hotel rooms and put a hole in a wall before leaving, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Some athletes also misbehaved on board their flight back home from Tokyo, Australian officials said.

Australian chef de mission Ian Chesterman has confirmed the men’s rugby and rowing teams left a hole in the wall in the athletes’ accommodation.

After the two Australian teams had to apologise to the Australian Olympic Committee amid reports cleaners had to mop up vomit and rooms had been left in an unacceptable state, Chesterman confirmed on Tuesday that a hole had also been left in the wall of one of the rooms, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

However, Chesterman defended the athletes. “There was a hole in the wall, but that’s pretty easy to do,” he said.

“I understand there’s some big people and some very flimsy walls, temporary walls as well. I don’t think you had to do much to put a hole in the wall.”

Chesterman said he considered the damage minor and said the rooms were not trashed.

He said no disciplinary action would be taken against the individual athletes as the athletes had apologised.

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