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ASI doing renovation work to preserve Telangana’s 7th Century Shiva temples

Taraka Brahma, one of the nine Navabrahma temples located in Telangana (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/@SadaaShree)

Keeping in mind the heritage and historical significance of Navabrahma temples located in Telangana’s Alampur town in Jogulamba Gadwal district, the Archaeological Survey of India is making concerted efforts to preserve them.

Navabrahma temples, a group of nine temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, are part of the Jogulamba temple which is one of the 18 Shakti Peethas of the country and have been constructed by the Badami Chalukyas between the period 7th to 9th Centuries.

Over the period of more than 12 centuries, earth in large quantities has accumulated around the temples ranging from a foot to 2.5 feet. This has resulted in collection of rainwater and mud and to rectify this the earth has been removed and a stone apron constructed.

Navabrahma Temples2
Svarga Brahma temple

The collection of rainwater has also caused seepage inside the temples. The earlier renovation work done with concrete and cement proved ineffective against this seepage so weathering and water tightening works were undertaken to seal the roof. The ASI engineers used brick-jelly concrete on the roof base above which handmade flat tiles have been placed. It was sealed using lime-mortar plastering.

To ensure that in future water doesn’t collect proper drainage arrangements have been made.

The ASI has also replaced the mesh wires around the temples with grill fencing.

As part of their effort the ASI has restored eight stucco sculptures of Nandi in the Balabrahmeswara temple which had been badly damaged. Of these four were on the parapet wall while the other are on the gopuram.

The Hyderabad Circle of ASI which is spending Rs.3 crores for the renovation is doing so not just for conservation of the temples but also ensure safety of the devotees and tourists.