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Angry monkeys kill 250 puppies in war against dogs in Maharshtra’s Beed district

Angry monkeys exact revenge by killing 250 dogs after a dog kills a baby monkey.

Angry monkeys have gone on the warpath against dogs in Maharashtra’s Beed district, killing around 250 puppies in a series of bizarre incidents over the last month.

The monkeys are reported to be striking back with a vengeance after a pack of dogs killed a baby monkey in Majalgaon village.

In retaliation, the monkeys were reportedly seen dragging puppies onto rooftops and trees and flinging them down from a height and killing them.

The monkeys are reported to have got more aggressive and attacked schoolchildren as well. In one instance an 8-year-old boy was being dragged by a group of monkeys and had to be rescued by villagers who pelted stones to drive them away.

After this incident, forest department officials along with the local police are reported to have intervened and captured some of the monkeys.