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Alert Mumbai loco driver saves a man’s life

An alert locomotive driver in Mumbai by applying the emergency brakes saved the life of a man walking on the tracks

A video which has gone viral on social media goes to show how responsible the job of a locomotive driver is. The shocking footage shared on Twitter by the Ministry of Railways highlights how an alert driver saved the life of a man on the tracks by applying the emergency brakes on time.

The CCTV footage of Mumbai’s Shivdi station, shows a man casually walking on the tracks. With the train coming from the other side, the person suddenly lies down on the track with the locomotive coming to a grinding halt as the driver applied the emergency brakes. With the man escaping death by inches, one sees the Railway Protection Force personnel rushing to pick up the man and escort him.

The Railway Ministry tweet along with the video mentions: "Commendable work done by the motorman: At Shivdi station in Mumbai, the motorman saw a person lying on the track. He saved the life of the person by applying the emergency brake with promptness and understanding. Your life is precious, someone is waiting for you at home.

Viewers generously praised the loco driver’s presence of mind and action while many chided the casual passenger for his attitude.