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Ajmer’s teacher, Sunil Jose, makes a difference in the lives of child beggars through education

Sunil Jose, who is making a real difference in the lives of beggar children by educating and feeding them (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@rajshankarca)

Instead of merely being a spectator of problems faced by the society, some people decide to take action and make a change. One of them is the unsung hero of Rajasthan’s Ajmer, Sunil Jose.

Aware of the social issue of child begging and labour, Jose, a mathematics teacher in a private school instead of merely criticising, decided to tackle the problem at his own level.  Jose and his group Uddan Society have adopted 50 child beggars and got them admitted in Government-run schools. His objective is to ensure that they get educated so that they can dream and work towards a better future for themselves and their family.

The cost of the schooling and their food is being borne by Jose.

These children have been admitted to Government schools located in Kayar and Pancheel and a school van has been arranged for them. The vehicle goes to the slums where these children reside to pick them up and take them to their new schools. These institutions also provide them mid-day meals.

Following the end of the school hours, the kids are picked up by the van and taken to Jose’s residence for getting coached where they have dinner too. Jose is using his salary to pay for all the expenses incurred for the children’s breakfast, evening meals, and clothing.

Jose hails from Koorachund in Kerala and started teaching in Ajmer as a teacher in 1995. Initially he started teaching five children and as of today he is teaching 300 of them. Besides this he also arranged food for nearly 150 children at the primary level.

The teacher has also made efforts to get the children born in prisons educated.

Citing Mother Teresa as his inspiration, Jose remarked: “I plan to change the lives of the children in a way that they would not have to seek alms for survival.”

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