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Airbnb to open homes for 20,000 Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban’s advance in Afghanistan

Airbnb to provide homes to Afghan refugees (Photo: IANS)

Airbnb, the online lodging marketplace, plans to provide housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees after the Taliban advances rendered tens of thousands homeless. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has called their displacement and resettlement one of the biggest humanitarian crises.

The American billionaire tweeted: “Starting today, Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally for free”.

Chesky said that the company will pay for the stay of the refugees, for which he appealed for support from the hosts. “While we will be paying for these stays, we could not do this without the generosity of our Hosts. If you’re willing to host a refugee family, reach out and I’ll connect you with the right people here to make it happen!” he said in a series of tweets.

The company plans to take the help of stakeholders for this initiative. It is working with NGOs and other community organisations “support the most pressing needs” of the people who have been torn by decades of conflict.

The four-decade long turmoil in the South Asian country has just become longer after the Taliban overran the country and captured Kabul. Once again, the conflict has led to major internal displacement with Afghans rushing to flee the country.

Chesky hoped that other business leaders would also get inspired to do the same. “There’s no time to waste,” he added.