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Aadhar Card Shaped Ma Kali Pandal Wins Devotees And Netizens

One of the Kali Puja pandals in Kolkata was made in the shape of an Aadhar Card during the Kali Puja celebrated recently

Creativity keeps pace with contemporary and a good example of that is one of the Kali Puja pandals which is made in the shape of an Aadhar Card which came up recently in Kolkata during the Kali Puja.

The image of this Ma Kali has gone viral on the net with netizens having taken a special liking for it.

The picture of this Ma Kali was shared on Twitter by Amitabha Bandyopadhy. The huge Aadhaar card has the name of “Maa Kali" on it, with her husband’s name mentioning “Mahadev". There has been brainstorming about the details of the card as the date of birth is depicted as “01/01/4004" and the address description reads: “Kailash Parbat, Top Floor, Near Manasarovar Lake", which is what the faithful believe is the residence of the deity. The pin code is mentioned as: “0000001".

What makes the Aadhar Card look real is the enrolment number, an Aadhaar number, a QR code, the Government of India’s symbol and all the rest.

The user who shares the image has written: “Kali Puja pandal in Kolkata. Celebration of AADHAR" without giving any clue about the place. Other posts in social media have suggested that it is from Barasat in West Bengal.

Viewers of this post we all praise for the ingenuity of the makers and commended the concept and its execution. One user wrote: “It’s an art installation like no other! I probably would sit there all day, just gloating about this concept..one word.”

Across West Bengal State the Kali Puja was celebrated with gaiety and fervour even though restrictions were in place for burning of the crackers.

Like every year, devotees in throng visited the much-revered Dakshineswar temple to pray. Trustee of the temple, Kushal Chowdhury, said that all the protocols for Covid-19 were followed.

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