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9-year-old Indian boy becomes World’s Youngest Yoga Teacher!

Reyansh Surani taking Yoga classes after becoming the youngest teacher to complete a certification course

At an age when most children would like to play outdoor or video games, Reyansh Surani practices and teaches Yoga. Making India and his parents proud, he has become the youngest certified yoga instructor in the world at the age of 9 years 220 days and entered the Guinness World Records.

The young boy who stays in Dubai received from the Anand Shekhar Yoga School, Rishikesh, his certification last year on July 27, after completing four-week long 200 Hour Yoga Teacher's Training Course.

Though he started practising Yoga when he was four, he loved sitting during the yoga sessions attended by his parents.

Passionate about Yoga, he decided to become a qualified instructor when his parents started attending a course in Rishikesh. “I decided to join them and surprisingly found out I enjoy teaching as well," he told the media.

His experience there was refreshing. "It was different! The first time I came to know we were going [to Rishikesh], I was curious to live a rural life. I saw that side of the world for the first time – a place with such spiritual grip,” he remarked.

There was no Internet and other luxuries like air-conditioning but Surani quickly adjusted. "I felt very close to nature. The stay was exciting and adventurous because we went tracking every now and then. It was a fun way to relax from the intense yoga training schedule."

The course benefited him a lot and according to him, “Earlier I used to think yoga is only about physical posture and breathing, but it’s much more than that. I learnt alignment, anatomic philosophy and the nutritional facts of Ayurveda. It’s an intense course."

At present Surani teaches small private classes due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Besides, he also instructs his classmates in groups of 10 to 15 students.