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Andhra Pradesh’s Mangalagiri eco-park turns tourist hotspot

With many facilities coming up at the Mangalagiri hill eco-park in Andhra Pradesh, visitors have started throning the place in large numbers (Pic. Courtesy tripadvisor.com)

With the development of the Mangalagiri hill eco-park in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district gathering pace, the flow of visitors from across the State is steadily increasing.

The progress at the eco-park had become slow but with the State Government allocating Rs.1.2 crore, work picked up in the last two years. This is visible in the eco-park. A 2.8-kilometre-long track for walking has been constructed while two trekking routes have already come up – one running from foot of the hill to the top and the other from top to the bottom.

To make the place attractive, play areas and parks especially for children have been developed.

For those who love excitement, adventurous sports including Burma bridge, commando net, tyre bridge and wall have been set up.

Basic facilities including washrooms have been developed to make visitors’ stay more comfortable.

Sharing details about the park, Mohammed Bhasha, the District Forest Officer said that the hill has become the favourite picnic spot for people around it, while several schools are bringing their students to the place. He shared that a yoga centre is also being planned for people to meditate and exercise.

The officials are planning to charge a minimum ticket price for maintenance of the park.