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8-year-old daughter of Surat diamond crorepati gives up riches to become monk

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An 8-year-old daughter of a rich diamond merchant in Gujarat’s Surat has given up her inheritance to become a monk, according to a Times of India report.

Devanshi Sanghvi will take ‘diksha’ in Surat today as he steps into an ascetic life.

Devanshi would have inherited a multi-crore diamond business as she is the elder daughter of Dhanesh Sanghvi and his wife Ami, owners of Sanghvi and Sons, one of the world’s oldest diamond firms.

A day before she took diksha, a grand procession with camels, elephants, horses and great fanfare was organised in the city, according to the Times of India report.

Her family had earlier organised a similar procession in Belgium, a country that is home to several diamond traders from the Jain community.

Devanshi has been following a disciplined life of praying three times a day which has prepared for her new role ahead, the Times of India report said.