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70-year-old Nagpur citizen sells poha and doubles up as a guard to meet both ends honestly

Eking an honest man's living by working hard is Jayanti Bhai of Nagpur as he sells poha in the evening and works as a security guard at night

Serving as an example of perseverance and hard work for the millennials and Gen Z, a story on social media about 70-year-old Nagpur man, Jayanti Dada, selling poha is truly inspirational.

A video which has gone viral on the social media, has been uploaded on Instagram by user Abhinav Jeswani, who is a blogger which shows a street vendor pushing his bicycle which has a basket loaded with all ingredients that go for making poha, chana and chidwa. There is a microphone too for him to make announcements.

Wearing a warm smile on his face, at the start of the footage, we see Jayanti Dada taking out a paper and preparing poha on it. He first adds a handful of prepared poha and then tops it with murmura, kala chana, masalas and serves it!

Jeswani informed that Dada sells a plate of his poha for only Rs.20. While this senior citizen sells poha from 6 to 8 in the evening wandering around the streets of Gandhibagh and Itwari in the city, he then goes to Mahajanwadi to keep vigil as a security guard.

The blogger also provided Dada’s mobile number (73875-22924) in order to enable viewers to help him.

The need for him to work in two jobs is to pay for his monthly expenses and also take care of the medical bills.

The video clipping has garnered 1.8 million views with many heart-warming and supportive comments.

While one user wrote: "He was the security guard of our building for one year. Very hard worker. After selling poha he was doing night duty. His poha chana chivda is just amazing. Must try,” another one praising his smile said: “The smile at the end of the day he wears is worth all the strength and life we should really have."

Many viewers of the video said they were keen to help Jayanti Dada.

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