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WATCH: Elephant calf reunites with mother after 72 hours thanks to Tamil Nadu Forest officials

Following the efforts of the Tamil Nadu Forest Department officials a elephant calf was reunited with the mother

Helping a lost child unite with its parents is indeed praiseworthy and doing this were the Tamil Nadu Forest Department officials. Having rescued a baby elephant that had separated from its herd they made strenuous efforts to unite it with the mother within 72 hours.

A video of the calf meeting the mother has been shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu, who is the Additional Chief Secretary of Environment, Climate Change and Forests.



During their watch duty at Mavanalla area in Nilgiris, three days ago the forest officials came to know about a calf who had got separated from the herd and mother and was trapped in the flood. They rescued it and instead of taking it back to the camp they decided to unite the calf with the mother.

Writing about Sahu said: “It is truly an incredible story that we were able to successfully unite the baby. We had a team of experts who used technology like drones and mapping to track the herd. Initially, there was another herd, but with help from local tribal watchers, the exact herd was tracked and the baby united.”

The officials ensure that the baby elephant remained hydrated and smeared it with elephant dung to make sure that it was not rejected by the herd.

Sahu added: “It’s very traumatic for the calf, the mother and the herd to lose a member. Elephants are like us. They are incredible. So, for the benefit of the elephants, we made sure that the calf goes back to the family.”