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4-year-old Pune girl enters India Book of Records by doing 178 spins a minute!

Four-year-old Prashvi Maheshwari of Pune created a new record of 178 spins per minute on hula hoop

Making it to the India Book of Records at a tender age, Prashvi Maheshwari of Pune has made her parents, school and the city proud. The four-year-old student of the Global Indian International School, Hadapsar performed 178 spins of hula hoop in a minute to enter the India Book of Records.

A student of LKG, she started learning the hoop when she was just three-and-a-half years old as a playful activity. Seeing her perform and impressed by how she did the spins, her parents approached the IBR.

In her very second attempt she broke the earlier record and got herself a certificate and a batch from IBR. Her parents were grateful to the school for encouraging her to participate and take interest in extracurricular activities.

Thrilled with her achievement, Maheshwari’s father said: “We are glad that our daughter has been recognized for her special talent by the India Book of Records. We appreciate her talent that has helped her to achieve this milestone, however, we immensely thank GIIS for their constant guidance and encouragement.”

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