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11th Bhilwara Sur Sangam to be held from March 30-31

11th Bhilwara Sur Sangam to be held from March 30-31

A leading business conglomerate with diverse interests, LNJ Bhilwara Group to bring Bhilwara Sur Sangam 2024, a musical brilliance to Kamani Auditorium in New Delhi, celebrating India’s rich musical heritage. The 11th edition of the two-day event is scheduled from March 30 – 31.

Expressing his thoughts, Ravi Jhunjhunwala, Chairman- of LNJ Bhilwara Group, said, “India boasts a wealth of cultural and musical heritage. Our musical legacy is exceptionally diverse and spans centuries. Through Bhilwara Sur Sangam, the LNJ Bhilwara Group reaffirms its commitment to preserving and promoting Indian music. We are proud to bring illustrious musical maestros under one roof to celebrate the timeless beauty of Indian music and ensure that it resonates far and wide.”

The annual celebration, which has been honouring India’s classical musical legacy for over a decade, will be graced by some of the country’s distinguished classical maestros.

On the first day, renowned violinist Manas Kumar and eminent vocalist Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande will weave a symphony of music that will stir the soul.

On the second day, vocalist Ustad Waseem Ahmed Khan and sitarist Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee will enchant the audience with their captivating renditions.

Bhilwara Sur Sangam is an effort by LNJ Bhilwara Group to promote and preserve the musical heritage of India, passed down for generations. Through this event, the organization aims to foster a deeper sense of appreciation for the cultural and artistic richness of India among the future generation.