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10-foot-long python triggers scare in Vadodara village

The 10-foot-long Indian Rock python which created a panic among the villagers of Bareja in Vadodara

The recent spell of rains which has led to reptiles leaving their burrows has brought the residents of Vadodara villages in contact with huge pythons. The Wildlife SOS in association with the Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued two huge Indian Rock pythons back-to-back from Waghodia and Kayavarohan areas near Vadodara.

A 10-foot-long python which was seen moving in a field in Bareja village near the Kayavarohan area created a panic among the residents. The village headman on spotting the snake promptly alerted the Wildlife SOS-GSPCA team on its 24×7 emergency rescue helpline (+91 9825011117).

The Rapid Response Unit reached the spot travelling 30 kilometres late in the night. With the help of necessary equipment, gear and exercising caution they managed to rescue the snake and transfer it to a transport carrier.

Python Found in Gujarat Electricity Board sub station
The 7-foot-long Indian Rock python spotted by the staff of Gujarat Electricity Board

Another 7-foot-long python was found in the Waghodia area which is again near Bareja. This time it was spotted by the staff of Gujarat Electricity Board substation near a water tank inside the compound. The rescue team quickly reached the spot and rescued the distressed creature.

Talking about these incidents, Raj Bhavsar, President of GSPCA said: “The Indian Rock python is very common in this region and we are glad that neither the snakes nor the people around were hurt. We are thankful to the rescue callers who kept a watch on the pythons till the time our team arrived. Both the snakes are healthy and have been handed over to the Forest Department.”

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