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Twitter inquisition helps China on corona origin

Twitter inquisition helps China on corona origin

The dots are getting clearer; and there are so many of them that it is not very difficult now to join them and get the picture. The big picture, which is: Big Tech like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Microsoft boss Bill Gates seem to be in league with the global public health mafia to end all freedoms that crystallized in the Age of Enlightenment, including free speech and the right to live as people want to live.

Concomitantly, they do everything to shield China wherever they can. The suspension of the profile of Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan by Twitter is a testimony to the machinations of this unholy nexus.

Dr. Yan’s crime? She had the courage to assert publicly that China had “manufactured” the coronavirus in a Wuhan lab.

Now, the narrative the tech tyrants have been peddling has a simple theme: all the problems of the world have been caused by US President Donald Trump. Used to genuflecting to the diktats of Beijing, they couldn’t allow the scientist to air her views because it did not conform to the dogmas they uphold, one of them being that the coronavirus is natural.

A large number of scientists are of the view that the coronavirus is natural, but there is no certainty about it, just as there is no certainty about it being manmade. Therefore, Twitter has no business to suspend Yan’s account just by saying that her tweets make “disputed claims on coronavirus.”

A few hundred years ago, the claims about the spherical shape of the earth were also “disputed.” In more recent times, the findings of S. Chandrasekhar, the Nobel laureate of Indian origin, were also disputed by top authorities; the findings included what later came to be known as the Chandrasekhar Limit. A leading English astronomer, Sir Arthur Eddington, called young researcher’s “mathematical game playing.”

Thankfully, there was no Twitter in the days of Copernicus, Galileo, Chandrasekhar, and other great scientists; otherwise, they too would have become the victims of the ‘cancel culture’ and ‘de-platforming’ that the radical Left is promoting and Bolshevik billionaires are enforcing.

Like the medieval church, with its claims of infallibility, the contemporary tech tyrants are convinced that they are divinely ordained to know the truth. They also have the power of money and digital might, so they have arrogated to themselves the authority to sit in judgment over the veracity of the statements of science. And not just science; they also spell out the digital norms of decency, propriety, etc.

Just like the Inquisition suppressed any views offensive to the church and dogma, the digital Inquisition squashes any heresy. Yan is clearly a heretic—and should be burnt at the Big Tech stake..