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Viral Video: US President Joe Biden’s pet dog Commander enjoying the comfort of the White House

Screengrab from the video.

US President Joe Biden's shared a video of his pet dog Commander enjoying the comfort of the White House.

The clip has gone viral with over 1.6 million views on Twitter and 66,000 likes. The US President posted it over the weekend with the caption: “It hasn't taken long for Commander to find his way around the White House.”

The German Shepherd was adopted by the Biden family in December 2021 after they gave away their previous German Shepherd named Major.

The German Shepherd breed, also known as Alsatian, was developed by Max Von Stephanitz in 1899 by cross breeding many traditional German herding dogs.

Originally, used to herd sheep, the breed has now become popular as pets and also successfully deployed in search-and-rescue, law enforcement as well as combat operations.

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