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Video: Last moments of Ukrainian Interior Minister’s helicopter crash captured on camera

Videos and images showing a building and its adjoining area on fire after the crash which killed Ukraine's Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky and 15 others have gone viral on social media

Ukraine’s Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky is among 16 people, including 2 children, who have been killed when a State Emergency Service helicopter crashed in a residential area of Brovary northeast of the capital Kyiv on Wednesday.

The incident, which took place near a kindergarten, reportedly happened due to a pilot error. Initial reports suggest that the helicopter hit the kindergarten before crashing close to a residential building.

Many observers said that the chopper was flying at a low altitude with poor visibility due to fog. An unverified video that has gone viral on social media claims to have captured the last moments of the ill-fated helicopter.

The crash also killed Monastyrsky’s deputy Yevgeny Yenin and State Secretary Yury Lubkovich. According to the Ukrainian police, 22 injured were taken to hospital, including 10 children.

42-year-old Monastyrsky had been Ukraine’s interior minister since July last year.

Several videos showed a building and its adjoining area on fire after the crash.

Both ministers were also believed to be close friends and colleagues.

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