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Ukraine tells Germany it needs modern weapons, not 40-year-old tanks

Melnyk proposed that Germany adopts a law on lend-lease for Ukraine, following the example of the United States (Images courtesy: Ministry of Defence, Ukraine and Foreign Ministry of Ukraine)

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk has called on the Olaf Scholz government to provide Kyiv with more modern weapons than supplying 40-year-old Gepard tanks to counter Russia in the ongoing conflict.  

In an interview to German tabloid Bild, Melnyk proposed that Germany adopts a law on lend-lease for Ukraine, following the example of the United States.

"We're heading in the right direction, but of course that won't be enough. Especially because there is a lack of ammunition for the Cheetah tanks. This has been known since the beginning of the war, but the Federal Ministry of Defence has only been taking care of it since this week. In addition, the Gepard tanks are 40 years old – to defeat Russia, we need the most modern German weapons," said Melnyk.

The Ukrainian ambassador added that his government would like to see the speedy export of 88 Leopard tanks, 100 Marder tanks, self-propelled howitzers and much more.


"We are witnessing the biggest war in Europe for 80 years. You can't win it with 30 or 100 tanks anymore. A German Lend-Lease law like that in the USA and a long-term alliance against Russia would be important. Using a new version of the WWII Lend-Lease Act, Ukraine can easily and unbureaucratically receive US military aid," he said.

Melnyk also said that Germany "is still struggling with itself for a long time" with the federal government being very good at finding excuses and providing absurd justifications for its inaction on the ongoing conflict.

"Olaf Scholz is probably doing it like Angela Merkel: wait and see, watch and then decide later or not. What is missing is imagination and courage. Many Germans would like an energetic chancellor. The politics of the steady hand is history," he said.

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