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Taiwan says new China Coast Guard regulation violates regional peace, stability

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said on Friday that the new regulations that would allow the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) to board vessels and detain foreign citizens accused of trespassing are in violation of international law, Taiwan News reported.

In a statement, Taiwan’s MOFA stated that the unilateral implementation of Chinese law violates regional peace and stability. It said that the new law will not only cause regional tensions but also impact the security of regional commercial shipping and fishing activities.

Taiwan’s MOFA stated that it would closely monitor developments and condemned China’s lack of respect for relevant international laws and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

As per the news report, China, under the guise of maintaining maritime order, continues to increase its military threats against other nations in the region, according to Taiwan News report.

The new measure, known as Regulation No. 3, which will bring a 2021 law governing the China Coast Guard (CCG) into force, is scheduled to take effect on June 15. Other nations that also have maritime sovereignty disputes with China, including the Philippines, have also expressed concern about Beijing’s decision, Taiwan News reported.

In a statement, Taiwan’s MOFA said that it will continue to safeguard the security of foreign ships and crews passing through its waters. It further announced that Taiwan will continue to cooperate with regional allies and nations sharing the same values to deal with the potential impact of the new measures that will take effect today and to protect the rules-based international order.