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Shari Baloch becomes ‘Shari The Legend’ as her video message sets Pak Twitter ablaze

Shari Baloch's suicide attack has put the global spotlight on the long-running nationalist movement (Photo: Sharul_Baloch/Twitter)

Nearly five days after Shari Baloch, the first female Baloch suicide bomber, blew herself up and killed three Chinese including the director of the Confucius Institute, Shari was trending in Pakistan as #ShariTheLegend.

The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), which had claimed responsibility for the daring attack, released a video message by Shari on Saturday night where she says that she took the decision to blow herself to achieve freedom for the Baloch nation. She shares her views about Pakistan and Balochistan, mentioning hatred against slavery, avenging the brutalities against the Baloch.

In the eight-minute video, Shari looks confident and emotional as she urges: "We can do politics, lead protests, attain education, and sit on roads for the recovery of our loved ones, then we also can take part in this war of liberation for Balochistan".

Talking about her personal life, Shari says: "I lead a very happy and prosperous life. I have a job. There is no lack of anything in my life. I have two lovely children. But this is a path we have to take…". She reinforces her message, saying: "I don't need to do this as I have a prosperous life and two young children, but I am still taking this decision, and I have no regrets".

The video shows Shari urging Baloch women to join the menfolk in the war of liberation. She thanks her colleagues in the Majeed Brigade for giving her the opportunity to become the first Baloch female suicide bomber.

The video ends with Shari's slogans–"Long Live Balochistan", "Long Live BLA" and "Long Live Majeed Brigade".

Shari's suicide bombing against the Chinese has sent Baloch pride soaring. Despite the fact that Shari's attack is not in line with the secular trends in Balochistan liberation movement, it has been approved and accepted by the Baloch people for its daring and nationalist sentiment.

The Baloch community is naming its newborn daughters after the first Baloch fidayeen.

Shari's act has elicited support from other communities in Pakistan. Even the Sindh separatists have voiced their support for Shari Baloch and have been sharing her photographs and videos on Twitter. People in Sindh too have a long-running insurgency seeking separation from Pakistan. Some of the Sindhi organisations have links with Baloch groups.

Towards the end, the BLA video also shows Shari saying: "They are coming" as she points towards the van ferrying the Chinese academicians. She moves closer to the slowing van and detonates herself, killing three Chinese and the Pakistani driver of the van.