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Saudi Arabian oil storage facilities attacked by Yemen’s Houthi militants

File photo of Saudi Arabia's Aramco (IANS)

Yemen's Houthi rebels attacked Saudi Arabia's oil industry on Sunday by lanching missile and drone attacks on Saudi Aramco facility at Ras Tanura.

Houthi militants also attacked the Saudi cities of Dammam, Asir and Jazan.

Yahya Sarea, the Houthi military spokesman said: "The artillery and drone divisions were able to conduct a wide offensive in the depths of Saudi Arabia with fourteen drones and eight ballistic missiles of which were 10 Sammad-3 drones and 1 Zulfiqar missile which targeted Aramco in Ras Tanura port and other military sites in Dhammam."

The Saudi Arabian energy ministry admitted that through their facilities at Ras Tanura were attacked, there were no casualties or property loss.

Houthis, who are supported by Iran, have stepped up their attacks even as the US and the UN are trying to bring about peace talks to reduce the conflict. Earlier, the Saudi forces had intercepted drones launched by the Houthis and prevented an attack on their energy targets.