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Russian billionaire’s two private jets worth $60 million seized in Britain

Eugene Shvidler has been sanctioned over his ties with longstanding business partner Roman Abramovich.

The British government has seized two private jets worth $60 million owned by a Russian billionaire under the sanctions imposed due to the Ukraine conflict.

The two jets belonging to oil tycoon Eugene Shvidler have been detained indefinitely after three weeks of investigations carried out at Farnborough and Biggin Hill airports, according to a BBC report.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said, “Russian President Putin's friends should not enjoy luxuries while innocent people die in Ukraine.”

Mr Shvidler was sanctioned over ties with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich who was also the owner of Britain’s famous Chelsea football club and has already been hit by the sanctions. 

The government said Mr Shvidler net worth has been estimated at £1.2bn.

Mr Shapps said in a statement: "Introducing these latest measures – detaining tens of millions of pounds worth of Russian private jets – shows this government will leave no stone unturned in depriving Putin's cronies of their luxury toys."

A private helicopter belonging to Russian firm HeliCo Group LLC has also been detained.

The UK has made it a criminal offence for planes owned, operated or chartered by Russians to fly or land in the UK.

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