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Russia rubbishes threat of war, says it is an excuse to arm Ukraine with US weapons

The Ukraine conflict has spooked the world (Photo: Ministry of Defence, Ukraine)

Russia has rubbished allegations that it plans to invade Ukraine, saying that threat of war is a mere excuse to militarise Kiev and arm it with American weapons.

Russia’s Secretary of State of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev told reporters on Sunday that Washington is ready to fight in Ukraine, and supply Kiev with weapons to the last Ukrainian.

"We don't want war. And we don't need it at all. And those who impose it, especially from the West, are pursuing their selfish fabrications," Patrushev said as quoted by Sputnik.

Patrushev dismissed the campaign that Russia allegedly threatens Ukraine as complete absurdity.

"There is no threat. The Ukrainians themselves, including officials, say that there is no threat," Patrushev observed.

The Russian security Czar said that those who cite the threat of a conflict want to militarise Ukraine by opening a supply line of weapons to the  Ukrainian army.

"American officials say there is a threat, and they are ready to fight, providing (Kyiv – Sputnik) with weapons to the last Ukrainian. They don't care what the losses will be on each side or not," the Security Council secretary added.

Russia has stressed that the perception of military escalation on the Russia-Ukraine border is a pretext to deploy more NATO equipment at Russian borders.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that western hysteria around Ukraine is aimed at  sabotaging the Minsk agreements, meant to defuse the crisis through peaceful means.

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